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When should my child's first dental visit take place?

The American Academy of Pediatrics recommends that a child first see the dentist when their first tooth erupts or by the age of 12 months. We agree with this recommendation. 

While this may seem early, these first visits help to normalize the dental office for kids so they can see it as a safe, friendly, and routine place to be. This helps avoid problems like dental anxiety later in life. With the early development of good habits and a sense of comfort and confidence, they will have no problem seeing the dentist on a regular basis and practicing good home care habits for a lifetime! 

During the first visit, we'll take a quick peek to make sure that everything looks good and then we'll discuss common early childhood dental concerns with you, including proper care of developing teeth and gums and nutrition. As your child gets older, we'll address issues like thumb sucking and pacifier use and when to break these habits, if necessary. 

Regular happy visits give us a chance to check in with your child and track their development. We're also available in case your child has a dental emergency. Dental injuries are common in childhood, especially in kids who play sports. We can discuss preventive measures that will help protect your child's teeth from injury and disease. 

We're proud that so many Morrisville families trust their children's dental care to us! Give us a call to schedule an appointment for your child.


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